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Friday, February 13, 2004

Josh Sens, wrote, an article for Golf magazine about Jeff Thomas. “The Natural” Jeff had to much talent for his on good.” A dazzling record holder in New Jersey he held the state amateur title 8 times.
Good would be an under statement. His talent was matched by his bent on self-destruction attitude. Playing with precession even while his life was out of control.
Showing up just in time for his golf events, hangover with little or no sleep. Life had little meaning for him if he was not playing golf.
Thomas worked hard and long on the course; but equally long and hard at his nightlife fuelled by alcohol. He posed for pictures with Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer lost a match to Mckelson by one stroke! Won a tenement that gave him rights to play at Augusta National. Who was this blazing star?

Thomas was a man who had convinced his self that he was not good enough and never wood be good enough! He never bragged of his accomplishments, but was proud of them. Later in life, alcohol painkillers, and antidepressants were the nails in his coffin.
From the crows nest at Augusta to a run down motel room in Florida, where he was found nude lying on his back across his bed. Self-doughty would bother him no more. He was dead!

This is a snap shot of a young man, if you get the chance go to tour library and read the article. Bone chilling and true! I wrote this to you because I am so far one of the lucky fathers who has lived through this, and still have problems in my family.
Drugs and alcohol do not mix! Try to convince some one of this is like words in the wind. The words are blown everywhere, except to the one you are talking to.
Cold hard fact until a person is ready for help you are living in hell on earth. This is a sickness like a flue bug that never goes away. A nightmare for those caught in it and for there loved ones.

Tomorrow’s sociologist, and physiatrist must strive to understand this sickness for what it is an addiction. Addiction to the unreal world of swirling indifference, and enjoying it! It has no boundaries. Rich or poor black or white famous or obscure it's all the same! IQ means nothing; your mind becomes a steel trap to drag you to the bottom with its weight.
We must find the key to unlock the minds of those who will not ask for help!

Thought for the day; Have you ever been afraid of rejection?

Word for the day; Tupelo.


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