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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It takes all kind to make the world go round! I read some bad post from annoyance people today. I don't understand why people can't go somewhere else if they don't like what they are hearing. Every one has an opinion, and is entailed to it! Heck, even me.

What was it Blade said ' there all ways some sob trying to ice skate up hill'.

Blue Monday, how I hate blue Monday, sep it's Tuesday. April showers bring may flowers, sep it's February. Man it has been so dark out today, my dog keep trying to get me to go back to bed.
Not a bad idea until I herd on the news CHINA said more than seven hours sleep will shorten your life. Was it China?

Heck my daughter is dead then she can't live with out twelve hours. Maybe that is why one year equals seven in dog years, they sleep a lot.

Lexmark sent me a e-mail about my printer. Run a test page step back three yards and punt! Can you submerge a printer in the washer? My ink jets are stopped up. It may need some of that stuffy dooce is taking.

I have got to give equal time to Paul, he feels I have sent all the diva to hard art's. So you girls PLEASE go say hello to Paul so he will talk to me again, SIGH!

Also you got to get by and see Desi. new sight layout she is counting on macho cyber hugs!

Last but not least you got to see the guy Marci use to work with!

Thought for the day; Have I told you lately that I love you. (another song)

Word for the day; Respect.


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