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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

In our world of instant communication, a since of death is shared with the families around the world. How can people kill others for no reason other than to kill! There has to be a way to reach these mad people.

People who stop reading the news or stop watching T.V. to avoid the evil in the world are like an ostrich with his head in the sand, the evil will not go away.

Telling people you are going to remove the evil in their life, even if you have to kill them to do it. Force is not the answer, yet we keep doing it.

Civilization, the stage in the progress of man when he is no longer a savage…

Savage, not civilized, primitive….

Indian, a member of any of the peoples living in America when Europeans discovered it: also called American Indians.

Power, a person, thing, or nation that has control or influence over others.

Searching for freedom and peace at whose expense! Are we fuel for the few who control the wealth of our world?

A man in China tells his wife and children he loves them. So does a Russian, a Indian, a Iraqi, etc. We do not understand his words so he is a savage!

We as a comity or so caught up with me, that every thing else is, let me get mine and you do the best you can!

Diversion has replaced reality in so many lives. Alcohol and drug abuse. Strip joints, bars, and child pornography.

Yes, even bloging, but no one wants to here it. I love bloging because it gives me a diversion of the humdrum of every day life. I get to here how others all around the world cope with every day life. I have meet some good people I would otherwise would never have meet.

My wife tells me how can you talk to some one you don’t know? You have no idea if they are speaking truth are joking around like a child playing on the phone. This is the magic of the net. We play, we joke around we become more than our every day self.

Blogers give yourself a pat on the back I think you are doing good. We may not solve the world problems, but it won’t bury us either!


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