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Monday, February 16, 2004

By now every one knows, Jr. won and John won. Quite a day! First win for John sense 1995. Did you see the big tears of joy? He had it all together. The fans were behind him 100%

Tiger is going through the school of hard knocks. Emotionally not financially that 's how I see it. Buick oked his contract through 2006. You can look forward to more ghost commercials.

Dale Eranhart Jr. is the man of the hour at NASCAR! He said before the race gives me the same sat up on my car and I will win the 500. Well they did and he did. He did what he new he had to do. He was the only one to get the lead racing not by caution flag. You the man Jr.

Walt rap won’t to know why it took so long to get him out of his car? Michel did you see your car? Agree they should have been quicker. He would have been in dire trouble if there had been a fire!

Another gray cloudy day at boydcreek, where's the sun? Suppose to clear and worm up, can’t wait. I am going to try to play golf wed. Of course the weatherman may change his mind.

Go by Dorothy’s and see the pic with her new Canon. Meow. I still have problems with my yahoo pic.? Got to keep working on it or get another service to post pic.

Thought for the day; did you ever wonder! Word for the day; Chafe.


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