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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Me and my shadow walking down the avenue’, then wambam out of nowhere came all these blogs about cats! It’s unchaining I even visited some friends down under and the very first one; my cat has been missing for two days! How we become attached to our pets.

None pet lovers will never understand that our pets become family members. They have personality, likes and dislikes. Yes we treat them like children! Most listen better than children do. There are probably as many pictures of our pets on the frig. As our children.

I have seen some wonderful pictures of dogs and cats. I can hardly wait tile I can figure out how to post my children and pets. I have bunches! Boyd creek is really the east side zoo! I have a lot of good memories of my pets that have found the happy hunting ground! We live on a road with a speed limit of 25 and they do 55mph. It is not enforced because we live in the county. When an animal runs out it’s all over.

I have always had dogs and cats. I don’t know if I could live with out one and hope I never have to find out. Oh I have many stories about my pets some good some sad, but that’s life.

Thought for the day, smile if you are a pet lover, if not smile anyway!

Word for the day, Abacatabicus. Go here for the meaning!


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