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Thursday, February 19, 2004

This morning after checking my e-mail. I gather up all my aluminum cans, I have collected over the winter. Off to the recycle dealer I went. I got there just as they closed for lunch. I did not have an hour to kill, because today is Megan’s birthday. Her mom needs my car to go to her school for her birth- day party.

Megan is 11 today and excited as a coon in heat! Friday her three best friends are coming for a sleep over. I’ve asked my golf group if they wonted to go to Golf Shores for the week- end! I can only think of one reason why I can’t go. MONEY!

I think if you wont to do something and can’t because you don’t have the money. The government should pick up your tab! What the heck they are paying for every one that is not an American. Just think of all the money spent saving people that wont to cut your throat. Man… I got to get off this. ONE thing our government understands is how to spend what we don’t have.

Thought for the day; when, was the last time you went to bed hungry?

Word for the day; weevil


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