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Monday, February 23, 2004

I haven’t gotten very far in my blog rounds today. Today has been share day. There are so many who have stigmas in their life. You can’t be a bloger and not be aware our common problems. You will run into just about any issue. Some that touches home, and is hard to talk about.

You might say this is where bloging becomes therapeutic! Don’t get me wrong bloging doesn’t replace professional help! However it does give you an opportunity to vent a frustration or pain in your life, with out some one staring at you.

Venting the problem gives others, who have had are no some one, who has had the same problem, a chance to comment. You quickly learn you are not alone. You will get advise even if it’s just compassion. Many times that’s the most important part of listening.

There are times in our life when those really close to us are difficult. Not that we don’t love them! We need breathing room to focus our thinking. This I feel is where bloging does a tremendous job! You can get your thoughts out in front of you. There you don’t think of right or wrong. They just are!

My heart goes out to all in the world who are hurting. Who are deprived of there rights, justice, and freedom. Who are alienated from their family and love ones.

Do you see the power in the net! We can touch each other around the world. However, caution must be taken that we don’t alienate those in our on household because of our time on the net!

Thought for the day, I once felt bad because I had no shoes. Then I meet a man who had no legs!

Word for the day; comprehend.


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