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Friday, February 20, 2004

The party has started! Four of the loveliest 11 year olds you have ever seen. Ah… to be 11 again! Na… I have worked hard to get where I’m.

1. Popcorn (already eating)
2. Candy
3. Slopy-joes
4. 2 cases soda
5. Movie-Regal 12- Cheaper by the dozen
6. Pizza
7. More popcorn
8. Bed time, when you go home!
9. Breakfast, choice of cereal or tridionial
10. Lunch, what ever you can find

My dogs will wont to run away from home. I may go with them. No, all will be great fun for them. There will probably be a few laughs left over for us.

Has every one been watching the Nissan Open? John D. is in the hunt again. Tiger is 8 back? I wonder if Tiger thinks blonds still have more fun?

Made a good hall on the cans. $14.40 not bad, but how much tax do I have to pay? I have been crushing cans all winter. The cycle place told me, don’t bring any more crushed. They stop up my machine! “Yes” no more sitting in the cold crushing cans. Snow up to my…. Well no snow. I got carried away a little. Maybe my wife will let me buy a truck to hall un-crushed cans? Don’t think so! The only way I’m going to get a truck, is for the kids to buy one too hall me too the grave yard.

Thought for the day, what was the shot heard around the world?

Word for the day; pawl.


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