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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I have gotten through the day without with out a nap! ‘Sigh’, I am so tired. Bad dreams last night, every time I went to sleep! I got up at 3:30am, and said the heck with it. That’s life when some loose some. I try like mad to stay up beet over health issues, but sometime they wear you down, stepping on you.

This to will pass! We were never promised a rose garden. Let it not be said that I never stopped to smell the roses. There is so much junk in the news and on the net you get sick hearing it.

Gay rights, civil rights, inmate rights, terrorist rights. I have yet to hear any one say less celebrate American Indian month how about their rights! Oh I for got we have a treaty we them! They are exempt.

Where would we be if we didn’t have something to complain about? Hey it’s our right! We live in the greats nation ever! We are among the very few who can say what we think and it is called freedom of speech. I could dwell on this at length, but enough!

On a bright note we have a blue bird family that just moved in! The mom is soooo buzz building the nest. I have two feeders out back, and we have a wide verity of birds. As worm weather approaches more and more birds are showing up. I saw our first blue bird today.

World match play starts tomorrow! Will Tiger prevail! Mike Weir looks good. Did any one above the line get me my autograph form Mike?

My grandpa use to say son, there are some big snappers in the creek. Always wear your swim- suit when you swim across. We don’t wont to have to call you Joann!

Thought for the day, your one vote can make a difference. It’s your right!

Word for the day, braggadocio.


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