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Monday, September 13, 2004


Hi gang Monday, Monday… I think that was a song by the 5th Dimensions. Any way it was cool. Don’t ask how I got the th to go up in the air some how I double keyed an wee-la! I am really good at screw- ups!

I am the only guy I know who can make a left hand turn and be in the right hand lane with someone blowing the horn at me! Speaking about blowing. I turned in front of an on coming car yesterday and it was going faster than I thought, so I had to get on it to get by. My wife yelled so loud at me the guy I turned in front of hit the brakes a block away. My ears are still ringing.

In the Sport News- Alabama over Ole Miss, Auburn over Mississippi State
Golf- VJ Sing over Mike Weir And Arnica is back in the winner’s circle.

Only on a Monday!

I decided that I needed a few days off and I realized that I ran
out of vacation time already. I figured the best way to get the Boss
send me home was to act a little crazy. I figured he'd think I was
burning out and give me some time off.

I came in to work early the other day and began hanging upside
down from the ceiling. Just then one of my coworkers (she's'll be important later) came in and asked me what I'm

"Shh," I said, "I'm acting crazy to get a few days off. I'm a light

A second later the Boss walked by and asked me what I was doing.

"I'm a light bulb!" I exclaimed.

"You're going crazy," he said. "Take a few days off."

With that, I jumped down and started walking out. My coworker started
following me and the Boss asked where she was going.

"Well - I can't work in the dark," she said.

Thought for the day, ABC Quote of the day

"There was no indication that was a nuclear event of any kind. Exactly what it was, we're not sure."

— Secretary of State Colin Powell about the large, mushroom cloud explosion reported


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