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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hi gang man what a fast week! What happened to hump-day? See what happens when your having fun. I have had the old swimmy had all day today. I did get the grass cut late. Tomorrow I am suppose to play golf if I feel better than today.

Yesterday Heather hit on story. Here is the rest of the story

Fans of Star Trek will have the chance to explore the final frontier in a multi-player online game based on the hugely popular TV series.
Games firm Perpetual Entertainment has secured the rights to develop the game which will allows thousands of trekkers to immerse themselves in the world of the United Federation of Planets.
The 24th century universe being brought to life by Star Trek Online will launch considerably earlier, in 2007.
The potential for millions of fans is enormous! Have you heard 9.8 billion is spent on DVD games each year!

It looks like this is not going over so I will go back to being a pain!
We will come up with something you guys like. Are hey you may just stop by to see if I am still kicking.

Thought for the day, can pain management make you forget pain?

Word for the day; Paprika


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