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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hi gang Friday again and long weekend for many. There sure has not been a lot of good news this week. How simple things use to be or were they. There is an old saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. For a country it can destroy you.

My intention tonight was to high light the top stories of the day. However, I have side tracked myself. Our most prized possession is our FREEDOM! What does that mean to you? I have heard some say it means I can do what ever I want! Oh really!

We forget that civil laws, religious laws, moral laws or what once was called the law of the land binds us. Yes we are free to pursue life, liberty and justice in the context of our civilized country. However what does this mean to those who are not like-minded? To those who will take human life if their demands are not made. Life means maybe the next time around my life will be better.

Am I my Brothers keeper? We have been trying to answer this for thousands of years. Now though the question is are we the Worlds keeper! Do we have a choice? Dare we back away? These are hard questions far a World shrinking more and more every day. A World that wants to teach you a new language and put before you another God!

Today is a solemn day in Russia! The world mourns her children. Tomorrow is a solemn day for Florida as millions watch and wait for Frances. I got these pics. From The Space station and from our satellite of Frances.

Thought for the day, how finite we truly are!

Word for the day; Flagellate


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