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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hi gang; can you see Friday over the horizon? I did manage to get the grass cut today in between thunderstorms. Buddy got his shoot, only one more to go. My other dogs are just now starting to have any thing to do with him. He is so wild jumping around like a cat. He is so homely he’s cute.

Over at Shelia’s place today she gave me a lot of food for thought. I have thought about her post on and off all day.

Things have changed dramatically over the years. People of all ages are afraid! Fear is a driving force in terror. I made the statement that I have always had to make my on security. That’s life! I didn’t mean it as a complaint but as a matter of fact. I have been on my on séance I was sixteen and have been afraid many times.

Security = the condition or feeling of being safe or sure; freedom from danger, fear doubt. Insurance, something given or pledged as a guarantee. Stock securities. Like so many of our words it has different meanings to different people.

Here we have been talking relationships. How we depend on each other and live from day to day in that relationship. This may not necessarily mean a human relationship but encompasses all our relationships. Like what Faith is going through with her daughters kitten that swallowed a needle. What Brian is going through starting a new life? What my great-grandchildren go through playing in the front yard.

That old saying live each day as though it may be your last may be your last!

Thought for the day, what does security mean to you?

Word for the day; Stave.


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