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Monday, August 16, 2004

Hi hang, todatada! Monday down. Hope every one had a good one. Why oh why can’t I keep track OF TIME! I did get the grass cut and the yard trimmed. And that is it. I get on this puter and it’s like I inter a time warp! There are a couple of sights that I go to say hey, make a comment and two hrs later I am still there. (Dah) I think they call that captive audience! Where they come up with all this stuff is beyond me. Where do they get the time to find all those links!

By the time I say hi to all my regulars there’s is no time to surf around. I think some of you have discovered how to let you puter surf for you. You just type in what you wont and the next morning you just post! Pretty sneaky if you ask me. I have got to get an upgrade to catch up with you! I typed in my search bar to see if I have that soft ware and it laughed at me. It said, your kidding right!

Any way when I was just a boy. The big kids had switchblade knifes they were neat but not legal! Never did find out why they were not legal. They were called stiletto knives. I ran across the word stiletto again but not in the same venue!

Stiletto hills

Wearing high heels alters a girl’s posture pushing her hips forward and her bum out, as well as emphasizing her figure, and causing her to develop a sexy wiggle as she walks. With a bit of practice it is guaranteed to drive a bloke crazy

I think Chuck Berry made this famous with his song REMEMBER!

Thought for the day, was Chuck Berry Right?

Word for the day; Wimple.


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