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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hi gang, Tuesday down come on hump day! Hope every one had a good day. My day has been interrupted! My wife needed the puter this morning and didn’t go to work until 12:30pm. Not good but I can’t have my way all the time, can I.

Hooray for Buddy, he got the wire taken out of his jaw today. They had to put him to sleep so he has just lain around all afternoon. He has to go back in four weeks to make sure all is well.

I saw some are having strange weather around the country. We are too. Sure feels good to get a break in the heat.

Brenda had handwriting on the wall. Phyllis had granpa caught in the john. Here is one dear to my heart!

One Day on the GOLF COURSE... A foursome of friends was playing golf and the young man who was about to putt had a long and very difficult putt to make. He was surveying his situation, and murmured to himself, "I would give anything to make this shot and show these guys that I have become a really good golfer over the past few years."Just then, the devil popped up out of the ground right in front of the young man and said, "I can make a deal with you to make your shot, young man, but it will cost you."The man looked around cautiously, realizing that only he could see the infernal visitor, and replied, "What is the price?" The devil smiled and responded, "Five years of your sex life." The man thought about the offer for a moment, considering what the next five years would be like. He looked the devil in the eye and said, "Okay, it's a deal." He made an incredible shot and the ball dropped right into the cup.The last hole of the game was a difficult but short one, and the young man was only one stroke behind the leader. He stood at the tee, surveying the hole, and muttered to himself, "I would give anything to win this game, but a hole-in-one here would be a nearly impossible shot." In a flash of light, the devil popped up again, and said, "I can fix it so you make a hole-in-one and win the game, but it will cost you another five years of your sex life."The man again considered this offer, thinking about the next ten years, and finally he nodded and agreed to the terms. Sure enough, he sunk the hole-in-one with an incredible shot and won the game. As the young man was signing his game card and heading for the clubhouse with his friends, the devil popped up front of him again, this time with a pen and a pad, and said, "Now for the paperwork - what is your name?"The man replied, "Father Michael Flanigan."

Thought for the day, we have all heard of mind over mater. How about mid over pain?

Word for the day; Palaver.


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