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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hi gang, well it is all over, except good nights sleep! Another weekend closer to fall! This cool snap sure felt good while it lasted….. Back up to 90* today. Geez I have so many things to tell you I suppose I’m going to have to write them down so I don’t forget!

I am going to let you guess from pictures where I am going in the morning!

Megan is in the sixth grade this year and a first year safety patrol person. I am going to get a picture of her with her safety vest on. I told her no flirting with the boys! She is supposed to open the car door for kids as they arrive at school. I told her fine, but the guys can open there on door. She said PAPA!

Thought for the day, I heard some mothers and grand mothers saying they spent three to a thousand getting the kid ready for school. I think I will move in with them.

Word for the day; Scanty


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