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Monday, August 09, 2004

Hi gang, hope every one had a good blue Monday! I played golf today. There was no rain in the cast but we got wet twice! Go figure! Where else can you be wrong and get seventy-five thousand plus per year!

Our weather people are pretty good though. They ride around the state having cookies and cake with the schools. Heck the never have to buy t-shirts! They keep us well informed that we are going to have WEATHER! Heck last winter they said it was going to be cold and it was.

I wander what ever happened to the hippie dippy weatherman? He told it like it was! Down here you have weather over here more weather …man. I mean you always new where you were at with him! What ever you had it was weather. Doppler Radar had nothing to do with it!

Oh yea first day of school! All day class, you are going to love this.
Hi Megan, hi papa. Well how was your first day of school, her shoulders go up in the air! Did you open car doors, no. Hum… more open up type of an approach. What did you study today? (I got her now) Shoulders go up and out comes the dreaded, word NOTHING! We did nothing all day no books, all we talked about was, what we will be doing tomorrow. Now we are getting somewhere. What will you do tomorrow? NOTHING if we don’t get our books!

Thought for the day, I wonder how much book salespeople make?

Word for the day; Wanton


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