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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hi gang I am running late. Went out to supper tonight and just getting back. Hope every one has had a good day. Also I hope every one made it through the storm in Florida.

I ran across this yesterday looking for things on the thirteenth. The reason they were listed is they had a meeting scheduled for Friday the thirteenth. I hate to read things like this because I know how true they are. What hurts is when there is a scale and you find that some are still making over the scale. Equality! I don’t think most companies know what the word means.

A Mission...Our Mission

Over three decades ago, I poked my toe into the water of the business world. As a young woman, I was full of "vim" and "vinegar" and just as eager to blaze a trail.

At that time, I landed a job as an assistant at one of the largest advertising agencies in the South, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. I was very excited about my position. I really wanted to make a difference and I set out to prove that I could measure up to any task. My desire to achieve spoke for itself as I worked my way into every aspect of the business. I was programmed early on to work hard and not ask many questions. So, I did. You bet... I was naive.

Women in any business management position were scarce in those days (still are) especially in advertising, which was run by mostly the "good ole boys." We were considered more like the pack mules picking up the end of the trail, doing most of the labor and getting little reward except for a pat on the hind-end for a good day's work.

I didn't mind working hard as long as I was paid on equal footing as my "good ole boy" counterparts. My suggestions and ideas were reviewed and implemented but I did not get one ounce of credit. The "good ole boys" hooted and cackled at my expense. I could hear them slapping each other on the back for doing a great job with that "idea."

My curiosity changed my life and it happened on payday. I was asked to make sure the "boys" got their paychecks. I just couldn't help myself, so I took a peek. "You can't be serious!” I screamed. The hammer of awakening just hit me. Being paid less would have pinched my pride. But, being paid a whole lot less really pickled my pepper! And, I was paid a whole lot less!

The next day I cornered my boss and challenged him to let me have a chance to run the PR department. I desired to make my own ideas sing and I wanted to be paid for what I was worth. "Not a chance and, if you don't like it, you're fired!" he grumbled. He fired me anyway.

I knew I wanted to manage my own destiny. I was on the street. I needed help. How I wish I could have huddled with other women like me! Where do other women meet to plan and build their lives? To take charge? I was in the "Dark Ages." I started down the path alone and uneasy. I would have given anything for some coaching. It would have saved me a lot of grief and a ton of time. To me, time is everything. There is so little of it to get done the things that need to be accomplished.

Now, women are building and planning every day. Countless women organizations are out there willing to help! Sure, it could be argued that the glass ceiling is still above. It is starting to crack and, with a little momentum and support, women will notice that the future is waiting for them to make changes. I want to help make a difference. I know you do, too.

This is my passion. This is our mission. Come join me!

Patricia Lynch
Women's Radio
Women's Calendar

Thought for the day, pressure is on when you feel you are under paid.

Word for the day; Presage.


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