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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hi gang, is every one smiling? Friday is sliding in. Or washing in if you live on the golf coast! Two hurricanes! My word…

I can still remember about seven years ago we were with two other couples at Padeo Bay Florida, and got a knock on the door at three in the morning to pack up and leave because of an approaching hurricane.

One of the couples was so up sat, they just through every thin in their bags and got out, hollering you guy better hurry up! It was so funny! The storm was five hours away!

We cleaned up and hit the road with a gill ion others heading north. It was bumper to bumper for miles. About ten miles north I spotted a McDonalds and pulled in with hundreds right behind me. What a mess, every one had the same idea. Let the traffic get head and then we would leave.

The golden arches were packed! We ordered breakfast, and sat there in disbelief at all the people! Traffic was so bad; we finally turned and headed west to get out of the mess we were in. It worked! What an experience. Our friends who left early got home in record time! They wonted no part of a hurricane the man sad leave and we did!

Bonnie is shooting up the east coast and Charley is right behind her!

Thought for the day, nature has a way of getting you attention, and you better listen!

Word for the day; Stratum.


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