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Monday, June 07, 2004

Hi gang, old blue Monday down! You should have seen me scrubbing and cleaning. I tried to use Mr. Clean on the outdoor furniture, forget it. I had to use comet to cut the grime from sitting out side all winter.

Got all the chairs and tables done, and the deck washed. Tomorrow I will clean the deck bar and chairs. Blow off the front and clean the roof. I have little branches all over the roof from the oak trees.

I need to weed the flower garden. I was surprised to see I have several little tomatoes already. I sure hope they are better than last year. Last year had no flavor.

Alison is spending the night; the boys came in like a wrecking crew! What can I tear up! This is there latest pic. My wife is in the background.

Advice from kids!
“Don’t pull dad’s finger when he tells you to.” Emily, age 10.

Thought for the day, working out side should be good for my diet. I forgot to eat. I think I gained a pound!

Word for the day; Deus.


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