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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hi gang, you are sooo lucky you get two posts today. For some strange reason my 56k does not work if my phone is not working! We were with out phone service from around two yesterday until six this morning. To my grand daughter the world ended! She went to the phone every five minutes.

Today was my three-month check up at the Doctors. My granpa loved his comment; when he said well Joe you have doubled your bottom line! I said that’s good. He said it might be good if we were talking finance. I am talking blood pressure!

You need more exercise! Why not get a part time job. Loose about twenty pounds. Stop messing around with your med. Hold up I said, I’m trying to remember all this. He said that wouldn’t be a problem. I ‘m writing it down so your wife can read it!

Now you have never herd any one say I TOLD YOU SO, like my wife can say it. It seems to echo for hours!

Thought for the day, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away why does he keep giving me all these pills?

Word for the day: blunderbuss.


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