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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hi gang, what a day! My wife and I cleaned and burned on the side of the house all day, about a half acre of limbs and leaves. We are ahead of schedule, normally it’s April when we do this.

Terrorist! Why can’t we find them before they murder someone? Killing in the name of someone is also stupid. However, we have done it for thousands of years. It use to be, I am going to save you, if I have to kill you to do it! Now it’s I am going to kill you to save you!

If I had all the answers I would not be here talking to you to night. I have read the lives of men and women, who have asked the same kind of questions for centuries.

The French philosopher Descartes said, “I think therefore I am,” and we believe him. Is that all there is my friend! Is this the definition of human existence? Hum…. Think about it.

Well call me rambling Rose tonight. We are all sick of hearing of our brother and sisters murdered by Terrorist!

Thought for the day, am I my brother’s keeper?

Word for the day: velocipede


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