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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Hi gang I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. I am worn out again. I spent four hours in the back forty cutting trees. My chainsaw messed up so the last seven or eight I cut by hand. You wont to find out how out of shape you are swing an axe.

We are going out to supper to night. Supposing I can crewel to the car! Don't think I will do the hat dance to night, all though you never no. I had to laugh at marci talking about the girl in the short mini skirt. It is amazing guys watch girls and girls watch girls.

How many have been over to boz to see his new camera? Check it out, another blue light special. I bet he traded a watch for it!

Another note, you got to go over to Retro girls place and say congrad. On her son finely finding a car! If you find you have surfed out, go over to Faiths and see how much time has passed sense she had a drink. Let her no you are pulling for her!

Thought for the day, listen to the wind in the trees, you will find peace.

Word for the day, kipper.


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