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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Star Date 3059’

Hi gang this is for all Star Track fans. My son owns a Harley Soft Tail that I don’t know how to ride and my wife says I have enough problems! ‘Sigh’ my mom would not let me have a motorcycle either. Maybe something like this little jewel. Second thought it may cost more than a Harley.

Worm weather again today. I wore my self out cutting trees! My chain saw gets heavy quick! I got seventeen cut and had to quit. I am weeding out a lot of three to four inch huckleberry trees. I would not make a good logger.

Rain is coming back in tomorrow. I wont to get so more cut in the morning. Maybe I can get to my garden in the afternoon.

Thanks to boz and marci I got the sight working right again. Well almost. Yahoo still does not have my pictures and e-mail working. I will give them until the first of the week, then I am moving!

Two of the great-grand children are spending the night. That means picture time! We have one of the twins Robert. Stash got something in his eye and had to go to eye doctor. We will see him tomorrow.

My granpa use to say son, grandkids are to show you all the mistakes you made with your kids, great-grand kids show you that have out grown your sense of hummer!

Thought for the day, work as though today may be your last.

Word for the day, woolsack.


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