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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

“Me and my shadow walking down the avenue”

This is my shadow. Her name is Ginger, but I call her fuzzy face. She is one spoiled little girl. There are not many places I go that she is not with me. Smart, she knows the difference between a going somewhere move and just moving through the house. To her the word go means car!

We have talked how much we get attached to our pets. To me I don’t own them they possess me. They love you unconditionally! Asking very little in return.

I love to watch them play. Some times they get mad if bitten to hard and man that let them no about it right away. They run and play like little children. They are the first to greet you if you have been gone. Jumping and barking, I missed you!

My home would be boring with out them to cheer me up every day. They are the first I see in the morning and the last I see a night. Some times I feel they can read my mind. They will react to something with me only thinking about it.

My granpa use to say son, take care of them critters, and you will always have love to share with others!

Thought for the day, have you scratched you critter behind the ear today?

Word for the day, decumbent.


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