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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hi gang! I am running late tonight. All the fresh air I’ve had to day, working in the garden has taken its toile. I am so sleepy. I can hardly stay awake. The ground has been cleared of weeds, turned and raked. It’s ready to be planted.

I went over to Home Depot to check out their plants, and they had very little to offer. Tomorrow I will go to Lows and see what they have. The ground has been prepared for three rows of plants. Tall red plants in the rear. Medium white in the middle, with multi-color in front. This year I may plant a small garden under the front bay window. Either that or some small shrubs.

Today has gone by so quick! I don’t know how the farmers do it. The feel of the soil is so therapeutic. Makes you feel like there is not a care in the world to pull you down. You can forget about all the pains and ills of the world, and clear your mind for a while.

I had to keep Megan home again today. Tomorrow, she needs to get back in school. By then the bug she has should be gone.

Dorothy told me the other day, to get me a Harley. I told her they are too expensive. Today I found me a bike! I don’t like the model but it’s a start, the instructor comes with the bike. I posted a picture for your evaluation.
My granpa use to say son, riding a motorcycle is like warring a sign that says please hit me!

Thought for the day, basically there are two kinds of people, you and me.

Word for the day: eolithic.


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