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Friday, March 12, 2004

Hi gang this is my second post tonight. The first diapered! I am not going to get mad, I’m not,@~%*+%$@!

I feel better now. Have not heard from Shelley about Megan. They went up to her middle daughters for the weekend.

I have fourteen trees cut up to be burned. It has been too windy to even think about burning.

One of my golf buddies and I went out to our golf course and watched the start of a collage match up. Thirteen teams!
2004 Conrad Rehling Spring Invitational

Jacksonville State
Georgia State
Michigan State
North Florida
Notre Dame
Kent State
Ole Miss
Mississippi State
These young men can hit the ball a mile! I hope to get back out for the finals Sunday.
Thought for the day, new wine taste sweet to the tong, but bitter to the brain.
Word for the day: insulin.


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