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Monday, March 15, 2004

PS Hi gang, look what we won! Your talking to the President of the priestesses golden goose egg club. As the first recipient I would like to thank Goose for founding this outstanding and highly sought after Bloging award.

Next I would like to thank my Granpa, whose direction skills have reached the height and depth of Boyd Creek.

All the lovely ladies that make me blush every day with their kind comments.

I can not for get the three pace setters who have led me by the hand through Blogville. I wont name names but your description will let every one no who you are. First, the Midget who has bent over backwards to help in every way! Second, the hippo who scarlery writing has inspired me to excel! Last but not least the giant among blogers every where, who inspired me to drool at pictures of people I have never herd of. Whose dedication and sleepless nights trainees me to be the best! What can I say, he achieved his goal!

To all my stead fast friends in blogville, the best fans a star could have! Thank you!


Our CEO Goose and I will keep you up to date. Prepair now to be the next victem!


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