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Monday, March 15, 2004

Hi gang. Rainey day is not going to get me down. I have read my comments; eat breakfast, read a few blogs. Eat lunch, read a couple chapters in two towers, eat a snack. Oh, and did I tell you I’m trying to lose weight!

I can’t believe some of you are still having snow! Please keep it up that way. I no, I no… it’s tough but someone has got to put up with it. You live where you live because that’s where you live! Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

My granpa use to say son, if you don’t have much to say, then shut up so I can say something!

How-wa-e How wa e Fun in How-wa-e

Two priests decided to go to Hawaii on vacation. They were determined to
make this a real vacation by not wearing anything that would identify them
as clergy. As soon as the plane landed, they headed for a store and bought
some really outrageous shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc.

The next morning, they went to the beach, dressed in their "tourist" garb.
They were sitting on beach chairs, enjoying a drink, the sunshine and the
scenery when a "drop dead gorgeous" topless blonde in a thong bikini came
walking straight towards them. They couldn't help but stare. As the blonde
passed them, she smiled and said "Good morning, Father, good morning,
Father," nodding and addressing each of them then passed on by. They were
both stunned. How in the world did she know they were priests?

So the next day, they went back to the store and bought even more outrageous
outfits. These were so loud you could hear them before you even saw them.
Once again the two priests (incognito) settled on the beach, in their chairs
to enjoy the sunshine. After a while, the same gorgeous topless blonde,
wearing a string bikini, taking her sweet time, came walking toward them.
Again she nodded at each of them, said "Good morning, Father, " and started
to walk away. One of the priests couldn't stand it any longer and said.

"Just a minute young lady."

"Yes? She replied.

"We are priests, and proud of it, but I have to know, how in he world did
you know we are priests, dressed as we are?"

"Father, it's me, Sister Mary Francis," she replied.

Thought for the day, bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

Word for the day: altruism.


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