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Friday, May 13, 2005

What goes up must come down

Hi gang, another weekend is opening up for you. Blogwalking today I see a lot of you are going to graduations this weekend. So are we my niece is graduating from high school. I know she is excited and can hardly wait.

Walking today was mesmerizing! The privet hedge is blooming and the honey suckles. The air is intoxicating. It makes me feel like I’m floating down the road. Spring is a wonderful time of the year a makes your heart feel young and vibrant. Love is in the air for the animals as well as for humans.

Reading a blog today made me sort of sad because it presented life’s paradox. We are all the same but different! We can perceive something and not one will be identical. Like fingerprints our thoughts are not alike. This being true how in the heck can we communicate. If I say the sun cast a brilliant glow on you, beautiful to behold! Do you know what I am saying or are you simulating what you think I said.

We see things differently because of our uniqueness! I don’t think this divides us but rather reveals a grater understanding of who we are. This is what makes the breathless feeling in our stomach when male and female touch! I prefer to think different but the same!

Thought far the day, grandpa use to say son. When you start to plow set you marks in front of you and don’t keep looking back!


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