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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Hi gang, hope all had a good day, the weekend is on the horizon. The week sure has gone quick for me. I have done very little but clean and take care of the dogs.

I belive you will remember a couple of months ago I had central air installed. Well we have used the heat pump on several cool mornings. Today was suppose to hit 90*f so I sat the air to come on at one o’clock. It came on, me and the dogs like to freeze, they loved it. In fact they didn’t want to go outside. My wife came in from work and said it’s cold in hear! I sad tell me about it. I had the temp sat at 78*f but didn’t have the rooms where the thermostat is open so the air just keep running. How cold was it? I knew you would ask! At the thermostat it was 78*f. In the front of the house you could see your breath! My wife said have you been drinking and I sad it’s to dang cold to get drunk!

My grandpa use to say son, if you want air conditioning raise the window in your room!


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