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Thursday, February 02, 2006

"The One That didn't Get Away"

I don't no if you can blow this up to read or not, but this was caught over near where my daughter lives! About a forty-five minute drive south east from me.

This is a 21lb. 8oz. Carp caught on a fly line. Broke the state record and is a new world record.

When I was a child we often would load up and go swiming in the Cahaba river. The water is shalow in most parts and you have to look to find any deep water in our area. My most vivid memory was the large Muscel we found in the river. I don't no anythig about them other then we were told they were no good to eat!

Even today I play golf from time to time along the banks of the Cahaba in Centreville, Al. You guessed it "The Cahaba Country Club."

This artical caught my eye because I caught one BIGER In Chicago! I have not found the pics. yet but the fish was a bufalo carp. I was on the Lake front (Lake Michigan) at night bow fishing. I saw a shadow in the water about twenty-five yards of shore and tookm a shot. To my suprise the arrow went throughn the fish and he was caught. I was up and down the pier for what must have been ten minutes befor the gint fish cashed in!

Every one on the pier stared with amazement at the size of the fish. I dident have a camara with me so my wife and the kids loaded up the fish in news paper and headed home. We lived forty miles away in Al Copones old home town Cicero, Ill.

My wife took several pics. of me and the bigest fish I ever caught. The carp weighed in at swenty-seven and a half pounds on our kitchen scal.

After the pic. taken was over I road around trying to give the fish away and couln't find a taker so I wound up puting it in a trash can in a park! I often thought of what people thought of when they emptyed the can and saw that monster fish!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, fishing is like making love to a strang women, you never no what you may catch!


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