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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Unity in Diversity

I haven't heard anyone comment on their diet and gem activities lately. Me I am still plugging away and I hate it! I can't believe they have not come up with a pill you take and your ripped with muscle and look like a Greek God! LOL!

Yesterday at the gem, I was sweating, huffing and puffing. Wondering why I'm putting myself through this at my age, when in walked one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen!

All eyes were on her as she ran her routine. She worked out on the treed mill walking then running for what seemed like an hour! She moved like a gazelle floating through the air as she ran.

This wonderful distraction made me forget how much I didn't want to be there! I finished my weight routine and moved to the treed mill next to her and started walking trying to keep from looking at her was in all honesty an improbability!

She finished her work out and left as silently as she came. I now am more convinced then ever there is a GOD! Who else would have brought her to a sweaty gem to enlighten mer mortals! My time on the treed mill was the shortest ever as I watched her pull out of the parking lot, I was thankful for once being at the right place at the right time!

I no your wandering what this wonderful creature looked like and to me she looked like...

yap a young Tyra Banks!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, beauty is only skin deep so make sure you get a thick skinned girl!


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