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Saturday, January 28, 2006

the Post that was not to Be

I started out writing about statistical data on RAPE in the world and lost all my data. Firefox has been acting strange all week for me. This is the third time it has shut down on me this week?

controversial subject but one that has to be addressed! The static are alarming! Has the whole world gone Morley MAD! I read article that would curl your hair and make you sick at our lax attitude toward this abusive crime!

There are those who openly oppose the death penalty but somewhere a line must be drawn!
Our country is busting at the seams with prisons and more are being build every year!

We have made medical strides to balance the minds of sick individuals,who commit these crimes. However the desire is still ingrained.

The farmer would never tolerate a dog that killed his chickens! He knows the dog will kill again. In India a tiger who has tasted blood has to be destroyed, it's the same with the African lion.

Have we placed our Christian Morals so high that we tolerate this atrocity! A known raper, goes to prison and returns to society to rape again and again!

Building more prisons,in my opinion is not the answer to our crime problem!

Thought for the day, play golf America, is a wonderful program. How about Wake up America a deterrent to Crime must be brought forward!


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