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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Memories of Broken Hearts

This picture is of l/r my daughter, x sl. daughteer and sl. taken just before the baby was stolen from her mother and my daughter ran away from home at sixteen.

We were at the lake on vacation from Chicago and when it was time to leave our little girl was no where around. We did no she was alright,finding that out from the parents of the boy she was with. She made up her mind to be a dope head just like he was.

"Her high meant more to her than her family or her life."

Driving back to Chicago with out her was the longest drive of my life. I actually felt like I was dyeing inside it hurt so bad. The thoughts still bring tears to my eyes after twentynine years! Some how I can relate to all those who have lost a child. Her running away felt like she had died but yet worse because she had rejected us!

I could write a book on her life and near death experiences. The life of a addict is not a pretty one. It is one filled with one rainbow high to the next. Reality no longer exist and its memory painful.

My wife found this picture while getting ready for an estate sale at the lake this spring. As soon as I saw it I cried! Yap the pain is still there and I suppose it always will be. Now I no how my mother felt when I did the same thing at sixteen!

The baby in the picture is Sara. Her mother was also a addict and alcoholic. She left my BL. for an Iranian guy had Sara and she was taken from her while she was on one of her highs by the Iranian and has not been seen since. She hooked up with an off shore oil man and was found dead one day when he came in from work. She too died with a broken heart!

I would like to end this by saying my heart goes out to all who have gone through this with a child or love one. There are millions of stories like this around the world. This is but one and the pain is difficult to bear!

Thought for the day, "love is the revelation of our deepest personal meaning, value, an idenity. But this revelation remains impossible as long as we are the prisoners of our own egoism." Tmomas Merton Love and Living


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