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Monday, January 09, 2006

I've been Mooned

This pic. Was sent to me by one of my best friends. He got a telescope last year and a didigel camera this year therefore S + C = Mooned!

Star gazing is a great hobby for him. But like most hobbies expensive and time consuming. I suppose I have turned bloging into a hobby. Very time consuming not to bad expense wise.

I like most of you can sit down to check on something and hours will go by. I's worse than a good book that you have trouble putting down. As a results many things I want to get done doesn't get down. I have books and CD's to study on photoshop, creating html, illustrator, ans flash mx! I cant stay away from bloging and surfing long enough to study anything!

I have always considered myself having a very strong WILL POWER! Ha, cyber space has put a kink in me self control! :-)

Thought for the day, how much is too much? I ran across some one yesterday who gave up taking a shower so they could blog a few more minutes before going to work!


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