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Monday, January 02, 2006

negative to Positive or Southern Charm!

Turning - to +! When you have heart burn you take an antacid. When you have a mind burn you change your thought process. How easy it is to say woe is me when things don't go our way. Less face it many times it just isn't going to happen!

I told you that Megan went to Chicago to spend the holidays with her sister and my oldest daughter. Note this was her idea! She was their one day and started complaining that she wanted to come home!

I agreed to meet them in Metropolis Ill. on the fourth of January again note this was not my idea for her to go to Chicago. On the thirty of December she put fourth an all out come and get me! Her sister started having car trouble so she couldn't bring her to Metropolis! My daughter couldn't take off from work!

I want to come home now!!!!

The last time I went to Chicago for Christmas we were caught in a snow storm, so going north for me was a no go! Hard head meets harder head! I am sure all my friends in Canada heard the explosion and saw the southern aria!

What do you MEAN I can only get youth flights on certain days? Read my lips! She wants to come home NOW!

SouthWest flight 3284 Y! Note the Y is for youth the fair was not! My daughter had to travel fourtyseven miles to get her to her flight two hours early in the middle of a snow and ice storm! Note why I don't travel north in the winter!

What happened on my end to get to the airport to pick her up will have to be another post! I am still working on the - To + on that one! ...

Thought for the day my grandpa use to say son when the grandkids rap you around their little finger just smile! You don't stand a chance!


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