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Monday, December 26, 2005

For those who have any money left or those who haven't maxed out their credit cards, today is the BIG Day After Christmas SALE!

I asked my wife if she was going shopping today and I got a look that could kill! I left her alone the rest of the day! All she did tell me we would be having left overs the rest of the week! With the big eaters we have around I sort of dout that.

We had a first this year, ham and smoked turkey equal portions were eaten. Half of each is gone! If I charged by the pound I wood have made a nice take! LOL! My grandson did good though he eat every where he went he believes in equal rights! :-)

All in all we had a great day. The kids rode their bikes all day in the house! It rained all day! When they went to bed they wanted the bikes where they could see them. Needless to say they loved their bikes...

Their sister stayed in a room by herself...

Buddy just wanted to no when are they going home?...

I promised to take down our Christmas rain deer today. I don't no why she wanted them down so quick?...

Thought for the day, it's not what you did or didn't get but the joy of family that


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