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Friday, December 23, 2005

Great day at OL'Colony golf course for your viewing pleasure...

My gang L/R Me-Chuck-Ed-Ray. They call us the old farts!

Me and the BIG stick.

My golf buddies.

My Chicago grandson.

We had a good day and found a ton of balls! (we were in the woods most of the day :-)) Not many came out to play, I thought the course would be loaded! I think it was good not many were there cuz we were all over! It took over five hours to get the round in.

My Chicago gang left around 9:00pm. I no my grandson was tired! I told them too get a motel if he got to sleepy. Megan packs every this but the kitchen sink to take with her! She will be with them until the fourth of January. (I miss her already little brat).

Thought for the day, I had two possum hugging the door last night. I use to say the place is going to the dogs ha...


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