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Thursday, December 22, 2005

My granddaughter came in from Chicago yesterday and were worn out. It's a long drive even if you like driving. The weather was good so no ice or snow to contend with.

Last night the house was full of laughter from them and some of their friends that stopped by to see them. We let M open her Christmas presents and she has Moore in Chicago. She made out good! My credit card company is smiling! LOL! She got a MP3 Player 512mb, CD/DVD/VHS player, Brats Big Jeep and camping clothing, close, shoes candy, CDs... Santa was good! Grandpa is in the poor house!

All is good along the creek today! I have a eleven o'clock T-time my granddaughters husband is a golf nut. It's tuff to go to the course today but hey he can't go by hiself! :-) They are going back tonight so he wants to take advantage of the weather. It's 7* in Chicago this morning!

Thought for the day, I will think of all my friends up north today and smile that I'm in the south!


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