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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Eight days till Christmas I think most every one is in a count down mode! This year will be a all around different year for our family. We have always gathered at the lake with the IL. Now they have passed and things will never be the same!

We will gather at the lake this Sunday for Christmas for the little ones and dirty Santa for the adults. No big meal just finger foods. Megan is going to spend Christmas in Chicago. Her sister is picking her up on the twenty-second. So we will do her Christmas when she comes back in January.

Christmas eve we will have the twins and their sister. Christmas day we are going out to eat and go to a movie! Talking about change WOW!

Any way Santa has been haveing trial runs for his big day and has encounters problems...


Thought for the day, it will be difficult at the lake with out mom and dad!


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