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Saturday, December 10, 2005

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A Horse In The House


(CBS) Trying to stay dry in Oklahoma isn't just the work of the Homo sapien. It has extended to the Equus caballus - also known as the horse. One family has taken its pet horse, Amy, inside the house, as CBS News This Morning's Mika Brzezinski explains.

Thirteen-year-old Amy was upset about the rainfall and high waters outdoors. So, she broke through the front door of Kelly Buckner's home to share some quality time in front of the TV.

The television actually was the idea of animal control officers. Buckner says she needed some tips on what to do with a horse in the house, and the experts advised her that the boob tube would calm the horse down.

But the TV isn't the only distraction for Amy. Buckner says she looked at herself in the mirror for about three hours.

If you're wondering about hygiene, Buckner has a bucket on hand, and Amy is wearing a good old-fashioned homemade diaper.

But, the Buckners say that when the flood waters recede, there'll be no more horsing around - Amy's going back out to pasture.

I thought of this tonight as a baby opossum decided it was warmer next to the glass door than out in a tree!...

thought for the day, during the cold we have a lot of critters trying to stay warm and looking for food around the house. I bet you do too!


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