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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I am running late again and I no many of you visit early, sorry! Last night was our Christmas Party at church. This is our best social of the year. We always have a good turn out.

New band at the dance and they were good! They played a wide verity of music, all had a chance to get out on the dance floor. The food was also from a new caterer and also was very good. We were not out to late, home by 11:30pm. That's late enough for two old bogies! :-)

I wanted too tell you that the link to tower in yesterdays post is an interactive sight. You click on To The Top, and click on the photo. Doing this you can get a 360* view of Paris. It is a wonderful sight, try it you will like it!

Still traveling, did you hear about the largest building in the world?...
At more than 500 meters, Taipei 101 in Taiwan is the world's tallest building. But now geologists fear that its size and weight may have transformed a stable area into one susceptible to earthquake activity. Photograph: Wally Santana/AP
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Thought for the day, biger doesn't mean better, will we ever learn!


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