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Monday, November 28, 2005

Shop till you drop!

Thanksgiving was anything but peaceful and restfully! My BIL has had the event at their home for the last four or five years and want to keep it that way! Hey that's fine but things do change with cercomstances.

This year my son was on call from work so couldn't be sixty miles away! We only had the twins and their sister in the morning. Their dad had them for the afternoon.

My wife felt we should go to her brothers so my family was at home and we were at my BIL. It turned out to be a beautiful day weather wise. After dinner I sat out side in the afternoon sun. All the food was suepurb! Did I over eat? Does a duck like water? You bet I did! I did well with the meal but OD on desert! ;-)

Yesterday we meet Paul and his wife at Sam's Club at 5:00am! I got four hrs. Sleep! We hit Sams, K-Mart, and our largest Mall in town. Then spent two hours at Cracker barrel trying to get breakfast! This is the third time I have been marooned at Cracker barrel and the last time!

Three strikes and your out!@!!#$%^&*

Thought for the day, I hope all of you had a great holiday and thank each of you for stopping by the creek and saying hello!


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