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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hard to believe it's Monday but "HERE IT'S! My son and I are cutting out dead limbs and trees at the lake. We had a huge burn pile so today we lit it and boy did we have a roaring fire. One more large pile to go and we will be in pretty good shape around the lake.

Continuing our BIG machine series...

McDemott's, DB-102 - The world's largest derrick barge using custom design McKissick block to lift 6600 Metric Tons.
The world's largest block especially designed for a derrick barge has a lifting capacity of 6000 Metric Tons and weighs over 200 Tons. It is equipped with forty - 55" Diameter "Roll Forged Sheaves" with sealed tapered bearings. It takes 38,800 feet of 2 3/8" Wire Line to reeve the 80 parts of line. The block itself is 30 Ft. tall, 28ft. wide and 12 Ft. thick. The quad hook is capable of receiving two - 14" diameter slings on each prong. The complete set of tackle is certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DetNorske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyd's Registry (Llloyd's). The crane is also equipped with a 1000 Metric Ton auxiliary Block capable of sub-sea operation and a 220 Metric Ton Whip Line.

Thought for the day, short week for most! We have so much to thankful for!


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