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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I started off this morning ranting about my loosing it with my granddaughter yesterday. After I finished I felt the last thing you guys wanted to hear was the problems of an old grandpa. So I am condensing it to say I lost my cool!

My granddaughter has abused her mother to the point I had to step in and say something because her mother could not make herself do it even though she knew it had to be done.

Since her divorce she has gone from one job to another and even lying that she was working when she wasn’t so her mother would stay with her kids! She would drop them off here and give some excuse to leave and would be gone all day and some time wouldn’t come back till the next day.

I am not prejudice but she had a black guy move in with her and in this neck of the woods she is asking for trouble. She has turned the family agents her and she could care less as long as her mom kept the kids!

Well to make a long story short, she knew her mom had fell and hurt herself and she still expected her to keep the kids! I stepped in and told her to find someone else. She took them to her x and told her mom I hope you’re happy! I told her that if she couldn’t help her mom with the kids to leave them with her x!

Today my daughter finally went to the doctor. She can hardly walk and her daughter has already called looking for her. Never ending story…! This too will pass!

Thought for the day, sometimes love hurts, especially when you have to make hard decisions!


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