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Monday, November 07, 2005

A police Officer was concealed checking speeders when a car went by doing 22mph. He thought to himself this is a dangerous as some one speeding.

He pulled the car over and found it was driven by a elderly lady and she had another up front and three in the back. All were unusually quite he thought.

He told the lady, he pulled her over for going too slow and may cause an accident! The driver told him, officer I was doing the speed limit I always do! He ask her if she knew how fast she was going and she said why yes I was going 22mph.!

He told her that was the road sign rout 22 not the speed limit! She smiled and said she was sorry and would speed up.

He then asked about her friends who all looked scared half to death! She laughd and said oh they will be alright we just turned off rout 119!

Thought for the day, be careful out there and don't forget to...


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