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Friday, November 04, 2005

More and more grandparents are razing their grandchildren. There was a period of years in my life that my grandma was the center of my life. I remember her more than I do my mother. Like So many young mothers of today things have not changed much. When you have no where else to go, you go home!

This is not by choice but rather by necessity! The last thing a child wants to here is I told you so or we tried to tell you to keep you pants on! Don't get me wrong I don't have the answer to this age old problem. All I know is as a grandparent you don't have much of a choice other than turn your back on your children. That's hard to do in most cases.

Why am I bringing this up? Well because I am trapped in this unending drama of children and grandchildren. I also know many of you are in the same situation! I have a daughter who has been married three times has three children of her own and six grandchildren! Where are they? You don't have to guess I think you already no! Now we have had to add to the number. My youngest daughter's son was raised by his grandparents on his fathers side. I told you that their home was destroyed in Gulf shores Al. Last year by a hurricane. Well to make a long story short he has no where to go and is working in our area so he asked if he could move in with our son in the trailer! What can we say! No is not an option!

My wife and I are at wits end at the moment but I know this to will pass! I like many of you could write a book on the things our children have done wrong. Hey I could Wright a book on the things I've done wrong! LOL!

I am reminiscent of the show that use to be on TV where one family lived together back out in the country. I don't remember the name of the show but I remember the grandpa saying "good night John boy"...

Thought for the day, give me the strength to except the things I can not change and the wisdom to understand why!


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