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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I have been wanting to wintergreen my sight and the template I found does not work right. It looks good but I can't get the side board right so for now here I am just plane me!

I did get my room finished though and have a pic. For you guys to see...

I think all of you knew yesterday was all saints day but have you relay thought what is a saint? All have the potential to become one by your very existence! They stand out as reminders of the many roads home! Some of us however choose the road less traveled! :-)!

There are those among us who have flu bugs and melodies so all, of us should be mind full of them today. It is a long winter and lots of bugs out there so prepare youself for the insult!

I received another wonderful e-mail that I must share with you. It's so cut...

Thought for the day, try to keep everything in prospective on this hump day!


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