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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This past week I as millions watched as Tiger Woods lost yet another match. Yet he is still the money winner of the year and may get golfer of the year with his six wins.

Tiger pretty well summed it up in an interview stating "golf is not a game of perfect, you go out each day and do the best you can"! What an understatement when you see the worlds best golfers sachem to a forty-two old no body on tour? Makes you wander what in the heck is going on!

Why the number one player in the world misses fairway after fairway and still pulls out his driver when he can hit his three wood almost as far? His driver gave him no advantage even on the par fives!

Why the number two player in the world who by the way spends more time hitting balls on the practis range than any one; is hitting the ball all over the place and missing short puts you would think he should make with his eyes closed?

Golf is not a game of perfect! Could this be the real reason lefty stayed home the number three player in the world?

Makes you wander when you see the great men out done by some one not in their class?
The same is true with the Nextel cup races! How can cars that are sat up the same and have the same horse power leave another driver looking like they have put on the brakes?

I watched in disbelief as I saw Edwards pull steadily away from Martin? Could it be money talking in our sports?

I played golf yesterday and hit the ball well off the tee and that was it! Couldn't hit an iron! Couldn't buy a put! For me I couldn't concentrate! There were two detractor's that I had trouble keeping out of my golf mystics! Could this be our top golfers problem...

Thought for the day, it's not how you play the game but rather if you have fun or not, after all it's just a game!


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